Thursday, May 8, 2008

"This won't hurt a bit..."(whimper)

OK. You really should be medicated with Valium before this, but I wasn't. Phew! Nice chunk of muscle for the biopsy! I made my husband go in with me. I wasn't going to hold his hand, but I needed something to do with my hand...(wait, that was his Hand?--Ha! Just kidding! Something to lighten the mood.) Anywho, all went well and I am to wait about 10 days for those results. Geez, they can put a man on the moon and invent Pop Rocks but can't get a Pathology faster than that??


dani said...

tell me that is not YOUR hunk of muscle and that you didn't take your fish-eye to the surgeon's office with you!!! rotflmao!!!

E and T said...

Hi Dana

No valium, that's no way to remove muscle from a girl. Hope you were spoilt rotten after that procedure!


kristen said...

How funny my hubby just told me got his results back from a mole he had removed while I clicked here to read your blog !!!!

Tanya said...

No valium.. that's just cruel!!! happy for you that it went well!! so cool that you took your fish-eye with you love it!!!!

Tabitha said...

Oh goodness ~ I hope that you are ok, I just read about this on Danis blog and had to come over and have a look!!
love and hugs
Tabitha XXXX

Dana said...

I'm doing much better today! Thanks for stopping in everyone!! Took the bandage off and was hoping for a cute tattoo, but... not so much:)

Shannon said...

looks like bubble gum!

Happy Mothers Day!