Friday, May 16, 2008



Amanda said...

Thanks for a lovely post. Have shown it to my kids.
Andrew said he will tell his Sunday School teacher about it, but i wonder what an 8 year olds version will be like?!
He just won a small trophy this week at the Boys Brigade for excellent Sunday School attendance. So i don't know if his 30mins with the teacher will be enough!!!

Dana said...

I can't wait to hear what their reaction is!! It IS a cool story though, isn't it??!

dani said...!!!
actually it doesn't surprise me at all!!! how about you???

Shannon said...

Is it any surprise? I's just another affirmation of his holy spirit within us.

Amanda said...

It was funny. HE was very excited telling the story. When Andrew gets excited he stammers alot. (Has attended speech therapy since he was 3 yrs old ) I had to help him relay the story. He was also holding his trophy and was excited about that too!

Love Amanda x