Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Foodie Day....

It's a cupcake and fudge kind of day!! How much fun was it to make these?!!!

These are called Chocolate-Covered High Hats! You can use any cake flavor, but I used red velvet, MMMMMM! The recipe can be found in Elinor Klivans book, "cupcakes!" It is a step by step recipe that makes a fun cupcake! I also made these into mini cupcakes that my son's friends just loved.
Don't be afraid of the meringue. Just be ready to stand at the stove with the hand mixer and double boiler for the full 12 minutes and it will come out LOVELY and POOFY!
Granted, these don't look as impressive as the High Hats, but if you love Somemores...these will be right up your alley!! I am posting my photo... (so lazy with the photo taking...didn't even take
them out of the pan for a better shot OR get a pic with them DRENCHED in chocolate!)
But check out my friend, (who doesn't know she's my friend) Bakerella and her awesome recipe for these cupcakes and her beautiful pictures!!
Sam had his Valentine's Day party today at school! I realized yesterday that this will be the last time he will have to take Valentine's to school!!! WHAT? ALREADY? Weren't you just in Kindergarten???? So I made some Conversation Heart Fudge
and wrapped pretty...
Sam made these with one hand
since his other is in an immobilizer...he broke his collarbone last Thursday :(
Speaking of which...I have to go pick him up at school! Have a blessed and happy Valentine's Day Weekend!