Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.... not Christmas, but Halloween! Not sure why, though. Maybe because of the decorating and the CANDY. Yep. That's why. Every year I say to myself, "October 1st I am putting up all of my Halloween decorations", and every year I am frantically decorating the DAY OF my Pumpkin Carving Party. This year that would be Friday. I now have 3 whole days to enjoy my decorations before I take them down and pack them up. *Sigh* I have BIG plans, people. I just need to start earlier. I should have become a nurse practitioner...would have needed to start earlier than now. But then, when would I have time for these decorations. God knows what He is doing. But I digress...
Here are some of my Halloween decorations. I try to add to them every year. Not big on the scary, horror, creepy. Do like the gross though. Apparently so does my mom. She sent me this recipe for Fish Eye Punch that in turn sent me on an odyssey for tapioca pearls. That's right. Thanks to my friend Joyce who knew just where to find them. Health food grocery.

I just wish they would have floated! That's red colored Karo syrup dripping down the sides!
This is me a' la Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's...with a Ginger Ale can, crumpled napkin, Skull wine glass and no rose. I think that's a spot of black spray paint on my arm. Hopelessly classy.
Front porch decorations
Fraidy Cat is a southern term. I love it!!
Along with 'Hidey Hole'
As in "Don't be a Fraidy Cat! It's just a tornado. We'll just get in the Hidey Hole and wait it out!"

Frankie's eyes and teeth glow in the dark!
Gigantic spider and web...glows under black light too! Think I'll make egg sacs for next year!
Pretty spooky coming out of the mulch and weeds. Ha!
The entire scene...
The whole package

On to the inside!
Photocopied this photos and added the googly eyes!

The entry hall
Across the front window
Beverage table...

Other stuff

I like glittery skulls

spider table for the desserts...

Main food table

Back Porch where everyone hangs out....
Curt rebuilt this piece that is apparently from a church!

Paper lantern and Halloween curtains on the back porch
I love this Black paper owl face, but it's a booger to store
Back porch in the daytime
Pumpkins that were carved

The Vine's were The Coneheads...They brought PBR and fried eggs!
The Hanskutt's were Empty Nesters!

We had a great time with good food, drink and awesome friends!