Sunday, August 1, 2010

School Bus Figure 8 and then some...

I wasn't sure--until last night--how a large lumbering school bus could manage a Figure 8. But now I know for sure. I also didn't know you could drive a car 'Balls to the Wall' hauling a boat on a trailer around a track! This is The Punisher! Complete with working blue lights!
I know how that's done now too thanks to the Citrus County Speedway races that I and and my family attended last night! Whew...I haven't laughed that hard in a while all while inhaling copious amounts of spent rubber and grit flying at me off the racetrack! My poor camera!
Look at that grit! Our poor lungs! My contact lenses are still mad at me! We looked like coal miners by the time we left :)
We could have stayed in the air conditioned "sky box",
but that would have muffled the experience and prevented the bus exhaust and pieces of who-knows-what from flying up and pelting us every time they screeched into turn #1!!!

There was no danger of anything flying off and hitting us in this race.
H was the lone contestant in the lawnmower race!
He came in first and last! Money is money!!
This is a participant in the "Suitcase Race"
Notice he is wearing a g-String and a pink bra. After each addition of women's clothing, the drivers ran back to their cars and burned rubber around the track only to screech to a stop, jump out and don another article of ladies attire. The first one to complete the outfit and the corresponding laps, Won a crown, sash and CASH!
The bus drivers drove their behemoth's with stealthy precision! No roll-overs or major loss of metal! There is just something inherently hysterical about watching normally safety conscious vehicles, haul ass around a race track trying to cut each other off and bumper bumping to try and get the inside turn! This was my favorite and she won the first race!
This one was a close second... heh.
Didn't get a good photo of "Shaggin' Wagon", but it wins a close 2nd on name alone.
This guy won the 1st race, but had to get a rear lift off the track... I needed one of those after the last triathlon I ran.
The boat trailer races were last and for good reason! They were the wildest by a long shot!
Crap flying off in all directions! Wheels whipping off and rolling at top speed across the track!
Boat trailers flipping, sparks flying and the cars pulling them still keep going at top speed!
This boat trailer cracked off the car and the trailing car slammed right through the hull of the boat...another car's trailer clipped it on the way by!
This is the wrecked boat's namesake...Diane!
The boys got a good look through the hull before it was hauled away...yea, we went down on the track...

We had such a great time! The kids chose this trip over a trip to Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando! Hey...School bus races are only 3 times a year. See you in Citrus County on October 30.