Monday, April 28, 2008


Apparently I have been tagged and have to come up with 6 personal quirky things about myself.
#1. I have to ask Dani what my quirks might be and I will get back to you.
#2 I guess I am sooooooooo quirky that I don't realize it. Sheeeesh.
Alright, an update. My bestest, D, quickly responded to my #1. So here goes...

#1. It crazes me when my wonderful husband walks up while I am in the middle of a conversation and starts asking questions--you know, so he can be updated. (I love you Curt!)
#2. When I swim in a large body of water ie. Atlantic Ocean, I always think I am going to drown.
#3. Everything has a place and everything in it's place. Now, this is only in theory unless the place for nuclear fuzz balls/dust bunnies in all over my house(where is my vacuum cleaner anyway?) and the place for my shoes is wherever I take them off and the use for a garage is for protecting $250 worth of crap and not a $30,000 vehicle. I LOVE the always clean concept---hell, I grew up with it. It was great!
#4. I love yo-yo contests/circuses/street performances/acrobatic pizza throwing contests
#5. I do not like to drive at night, nor do I like driving on the interstate. This is a problem because I always want to get where I am going as fast and direct as possible. However, when my husband and I are going somewhere in town, I usually drive. I am trying to stop that. My grandmother ended up driving my grandfather around and it looked kind of silly.
#6. I absolutely have to have bras with thick cups, people. Can't STAND headlights!!! I have to replace bras often because, I swear, I wear down the cups. TMI, sorry...but true.
Well, there you go.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blue Water Blue Skies

We decided to take off Wednesday morning and head to Key Largo! We had a great time. We met up with the youth group at the beach and had dinner and devotion with everyone.

There was also arm wrestling involved for some reason!

Great group of kids who have a great time together! The previous day the group was able to snorkel at a reef where there is a sculpture of Jesus. Christ of the Abyss is a 8 1/2 foot, 4000 pound bronze sculpture of Jesus Christ that stands in 25 feet of water off of Key Largo, Florida.

The kids said it is mostly covered with fire coral except for the hands. Several, including my son, were able to "high five" Jesus! They loved it! The following day, we didn't get to snorkel at that reef due to higher seas! 1 -2 feet were enough for us! After we finally got in the water I told Curt we needed to go back because we were fighting the current to get to the reef. With Sam in tow---it was his 1st time, God love him---it was wearing me out. Curt stated that I was in the best shape of all of us, what did I mean? Well, with that I felt like Dory in "Finding Nemo". "Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming...". So we did for a little longer and let the current push us back to the boat. I guess I expect the Jacques Cousteau experience when I snorkel and come away mildly disappointed. I suppose we all need to learn to SCUBA. I'll wait awhile before I lay that one on Curt:)

Mustard's Last Stand

Spring Break is so relaxing. I really don't want to go back to work. I mean ever. Curt just looks at me when I say things like that. huh. Anyway, Tuesday Curt, Sam and I ate lunch at a fun place--Mustard's Last Stand. That's right, a hot dog restaurant. Wish I would have thought of that. People love it. There is always a line at lunch. You can even bring your well behaved dog with you! I had the plain dog with onions and mustard while Sam went plain and Curt had all kinds of stuff on his. We ordered garlic fries as well!!

No wonder my stomach said "WHAAAAAAAT?" Whew. We had a great time sitting outside soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the All American food:)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Key Largo and Clean Closets

I saw my oldest, Will, off camping to John Pennecamp Park in Key Largo, Florida this morning. He went with our youth group from church. I had to show someone how to get to the front office and when I returned everyone had boarded the vans and there was Will. He was looking for me to hug and say goodbye. My sweet boy! He is so easy going and easy to get along with.
I came home and ran the Melbourne Causeway with my friend, Cindy. Up and over twice. Yikes! We had a great time catching up. Girls can talk and run at the same time, ya know! It was a beautiful day and a wonderful start to our Spring Break week---a much needed break!

I came home faced with a closet that threw-up! Ugh. I couldn't find something in this closet last Saturday and so in a fit, I unloaded the entire contents into the kitchen. I convinced Curt to put up shelving as well!! Under protest from Curt, I painted the inside the same color as the outside surrounding walls--"Golden Tan". It looked so clean and empty. Long story short, I threw out quite a few things, cleaned all the kitchen cabinets and found some fairly unusual food. Why did I buy powdered milk?
So now a huge project is finished and it's only Monday. What should I do? Maybe grab my husband and youngest son, pack off for Key Largo, go snorkeling and stay in a hotel? At least I'll have provisions---powdered milk, a can of turkey gravy, a box of fructose and Hamburger Helper Chili Mac.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drum Circle and a Florida Sunset

Well here ya go...My first--and my family's 1st---drum circle!! We had so much fun! There were about five 75+ year old ladies there and another family besides us. Will played "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" on his ocarina and everyone drummed along. The boys loved it and even Curt thought it was fun! Right brain really needed a work out! We will probably go again and I have a feeling there is a Djembe or Doumbek drum in our future! Check out any Family Drum Circles in your area. This one was VERY family friendly.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Monogrammed Drum and a Preppy Hoop

Alright!! Tonight is the Family Drum Circle in Merritt Island! Woo Hoo! Curt and Sam are a bit leery. Will and I are up for the experience. So much so, that Matt--Will's friend and part time member of our family--is going with us. $15 for a family of 5. It's a beautiful afternoon here and should make for a gorgeous sunset. Sounds a little "love, peace and rainbows" doesn't it?? Yeah, it does. We have one nice drum, but drum's will be provided! Why do I feel drawn to things like this? My husband can't figure it out either. You know I think I am going to say it is because I was born in 1963. Grew up in the sixties and was a teenager going to college as a Preppie. You see, I love the tie-dye as much as I love gold beads, pink & green and anything with a monogram! Barefoot in jeans or madras plaid skirt with espadrilles and pearls--don't forget those! I have really enjoyed blog hopping and seeing all of the Preppie blogs! I am sure there is another person out there who is digging the Hoopnotica link on my site!! Now that is a blend! Get yourself a pink and green hoop and hoop it in your madras!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Sounds like a "New Interpretation" to me...

So, I have been hearing quite a bit about Oprah's new series "A new Earth". I have looked up videos and read several articles from both sides. I wanted to know who the author Eckhart Tolle was and where he received his information and interpretation. This video link shows him explaining the book's beginnings.

I can appreciate someone else's interpretation because it makes me turn to the Bible and read. It calls on me to remember. It invites me to defend. It beckons me to pray. When I know what is being said, I will know what to say. We have all heard interpretations about "The end of days". Heck, we have heard sermons on Sundays and sometimes think, "Huh? Really?". This is when (hopefully) we turn to the Bible and read the scripture. When I hear something that doesn't ring true from someone, I immediately want to know where they received their information and how they came about their opinion. It is important to weed out the "facts" from the "interpretation of the facts". There are many interpretations. If you have sat in a court room, you have witnessed this.
What do you think? What do you know? What do you believe? I suppose 'What we think" IS 'What we know' because it is 'What we believe'.
At any rate, check out the link and let me know your opinion :)