Friday, April 4, 2008

Monogrammed Drum and a Preppy Hoop

Alright!! Tonight is the Family Drum Circle in Merritt Island! Woo Hoo! Curt and Sam are a bit leery. Will and I are up for the experience. So much so, that Matt--Will's friend and part time member of our family--is going with us. $15 for a family of 5. It's a beautiful afternoon here and should make for a gorgeous sunset. Sounds a little "love, peace and rainbows" doesn't it?? Yeah, it does. We have one nice drum, but drum's will be provided! Why do I feel drawn to things like this? My husband can't figure it out either. You know I think I am going to say it is because I was born in 1963. Grew up in the sixties and was a teenager going to college as a Preppie. You see, I love the tie-dye as much as I love gold beads, pink & green and anything with a monogram! Barefoot in jeans or madras plaid skirt with espadrilles and pearls--don't forget those! I have really enjoyed blog hopping and seeing all of the Preppie blogs! I am sure there is another person out there who is digging the Hoopnotica link on my site!! Now that is a blend! Get yourself a pink and green hoop and hoop it in your madras!!


me said...

i think i'll just buy a pink lacoste with a green aligator to go with my various strands of pearls:D
you are MUCH older than i; thus, i didn't get in on the hooping, drums, free love movement, etc... (poor curt and sam!!!) ROTFLMAO!!!
all my love,

me said...

ps did you also watch private benjamin in your formative years???
love again,

Moonpie said...

You are too much...I forgot about the free love!!!s\