Monday, April 28, 2008


Apparently I have been tagged and have to come up with 6 personal quirky things about myself.
#1. I have to ask Dani what my quirks might be and I will get back to you.
#2 I guess I am sooooooooo quirky that I don't realize it. Sheeeesh.
Alright, an update. My bestest, D, quickly responded to my #1. So here goes...

#1. It crazes me when my wonderful husband walks up while I am in the middle of a conversation and starts asking questions--you know, so he can be updated. (I love you Curt!)
#2. When I swim in a large body of water ie. Atlantic Ocean, I always think I am going to drown.
#3. Everything has a place and everything in it's place. Now, this is only in theory unless the place for nuclear fuzz balls/dust bunnies in all over my house(where is my vacuum cleaner anyway?) and the place for my shoes is wherever I take them off and the use for a garage is for protecting $250 worth of crap and not a $30,000 vehicle. I LOVE the always clean concept---hell, I grew up with it. It was great!
#4. I love yo-yo contests/circuses/street performances/acrobatic pizza throwing contests
#5. I do not like to drive at night, nor do I like driving on the interstate. This is a problem because I always want to get where I am going as fast and direct as possible. However, when my husband and I are going somewhere in town, I usually drive. I am trying to stop that. My grandmother ended up driving my grandfather around and it looked kind of silly.
#6. I absolutely have to have bras with thick cups, people. Can't STAND headlights!!! I have to replace bras often because, I swear, I wear down the cups. TMI, sorry...but true.
Well, there you go.


dani said...

ok, d:

1. it crazes you when curt comes in on the middle of a conversation and starts asking questions.
2. when you swim in a large body of water, you are always sure you're going to drown.
3. everything has a place and everything in its place.
4. over-bearing children.
5. parents who warn their children but never follow through...
6. bras with thin cups!!!
love you,

Shannon said...

Whew Whee.....exciting and fun answers. I should have gotten some help too.

My father is planning to build another barn so he can store his crap, but their cars sit outside all winter long. That's crazy!

Tabitha said...

Hi there,
found your link on Danis blog and thought I would just pop over and say hi!!
Love the quirky list ~ the bra part cracked me up!!!!
Tabitha X