Monday, April 7, 2008

Key Largo and Clean Closets

I saw my oldest, Will, off camping to John Pennecamp Park in Key Largo, Florida this morning. He went with our youth group from church. I had to show someone how to get to the front office and when I returned everyone had boarded the vans and there was Will. He was looking for me to hug and say goodbye. My sweet boy! He is so easy going and easy to get along with.
I came home and ran the Melbourne Causeway with my friend, Cindy. Up and over twice. Yikes! We had a great time catching up. Girls can talk and run at the same time, ya know! It was a beautiful day and a wonderful start to our Spring Break week---a much needed break!

I came home faced with a closet that threw-up! Ugh. I couldn't find something in this closet last Saturday and so in a fit, I unloaded the entire contents into the kitchen. I convinced Curt to put up shelving as well!! Under protest from Curt, I painted the inside the same color as the outside surrounding walls--"Golden Tan". It looked so clean and empty. Long story short, I threw out quite a few things, cleaned all the kitchen cabinets and found some fairly unusual food. Why did I buy powdered milk?
So now a huge project is finished and it's only Monday. What should I do? Maybe grab my husband and youngest son, pack off for Key Largo, go snorkeling and stay in a hotel? At least I'll have provisions---powdered milk, a can of turkey gravy, a box of fructose and Hamburger Helper Chili Mac.


dani said...

the powdered milk probably went in some bread recipe... now, the fructose is anyone's bet???
love you,
ps... i vote for snorkeling, hotel, and definitely dining OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

My closet exploded 2 years ago and I still haven't finished cleaning it out - please come to Kentucky and do your closet voodoo!!!!

Love you!!!
the 3rd D in D & D & D