Thursday, May 13, 2010

Four Hours, New Friends & Pioneer Woman....

We came. We met each other for the 1st time. We stood. We laughed. A few breast fed their babies---twice.
We took photos. We saw Ree. We went to Chic Filet and drove home. Just to make it clear, the breast feeders were 2 young moms with small infants. Brandy just had to make it back to St. Pete for a night feeding. Geez...was that me just 13 years ago? Here we are...I think the other mom is nursing over in the children's section.
This book signing was nuts! We were on the first level of Barnes and Noble looking up at her back as she spoke to the ones who arrived at 2pm and were sitting in front of her!
How many people were there???? We were weaved in and out of the rows of books like we were in line for the Teacups at Magic Kingdom. I did recognize a book I had read on just about every row! Ree started signing at 6p. We didn't move for 3 hours. They cleared the 2nd level where she was speaking and then started letting the lower level up 10 at a time! I had mine signed at 9:30pm and there were still about 100 behind me! Unbelievable. I am suppose to be her only fan here in Florida :) Apparently not. So there she sat smiling and talking to everyone like it was just a few of us who stopped by to say "hey!" What a constitution. I wish I would have brought her a pillow to sit on. At least a football stadium cushion. Her 2 girls were with her as well---so cute! (Way to hang in there) So when I finally got up to see her for the book signing, what did I say? "Nice to meet you. Welcome to Florida! Did you have a great time at Universal?" Stimulating. *snorts* Not..."I really enjoy your blog and your photography" or "I would like to invite you and your family over to the east coast for the shuttle launch and we will go to the beach to watch it." Or a myriad of other slightly better things to say. *sighs* Whats worse is that I didn't get other cookbooks signed for anyone else! I am really feeling bad about THAT! Next cookbook, I am ALL over that one :) However, I did hold it together long enough to hand the camera off to her assistant and have a photo taken....and then another photo---gotta have 2 just in case one was dorky. (BTW, the 1st one was not flattering) so here is the 2nd

Well, there ya must be weird for her. We all feel like we know her through her blog. We know what her kids look like, the way the ranch works and how many dogs she has! Not only that, but she has made TV appearances as well! What a great agent she must have!! Don't you just love America? You can live on a cattle ranch, yet reach thousands of people with the click of a few computer keys...and they like it :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love the VooDoo that YouDo...

Do you love doughnuts? I ADORE doughnuts. Glazed, that is. Not much for to much stuff on my doughnuts. I have never tried to make them, however. I have a recipe from my grandmother that I have always wanted to try...involves deep frying. Pioneer Woman, Rea Drummond also has a crankin' recipe in her new cookbook. Did I say I was a fan? Huge fan. Seeing her in Orlando on Wednesday for her book signing!! Stand by for stalker fan pics :)
Well, in the meantime I found a doughnut shop that looks fantastic! Distressing news is that it is on the west coast and I am not referring to the west coast of Florida. It's on the west coast of the United States and it's name is Voodoo Doughnut. Check them out. Slightly irreverent at times (hey it's the West coast after all) but with the right idea of pushing the boundaries of what is ordinary :) I would love to try the Bacon Maple Bar. Don't let me hear you saying "Ewww". Everything is better with bacon! The Nyquil and Peptobismol doughnut was popular until the FDA put an end to that one. I love the voodoo doll with a pretzel through the heart. Better to take your frustrations out on a doughnut than a sawdust stuffed doll. Just sayin'. The most practical doughnut for the time conscience must be the Caffeine Doughnut. This pastry is filled with 100mg of caffeine. That's the equivalent to a cup and a half of coffee. No worries on spilling the coffee on the way to work! Now THAT is genius.