Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Smile and a Spitz

This is a photo of my sister's Original door size poster of Mark Spitz from 1972!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay and Water, Water Everywhere

OK. We have WATER and more WATER! We started school on Monday and will be out for 3 days because of flooding! We had no idea that the back corner of our yard was low or that the entire back yard was low enough to flood! I took these pictures early (Curt) morning and then about 7p (Ella) because I didn't want to get my camera wet! Crazy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympics and the Clean and Jerk all started with my husband showing my kids the Olympic weight lifting style--the "Clean and Jerk". For purposes of keeping a fairly family friendly blog, I won't post my comment to that one. Anyway, I did take pics of Curt showing the boys how it is done with my regular camera
...This is a camera phone pic of Sam. Notice the dress belt and the broom, for crying out loud. Wish I had video of Curt. I bet I can still convince him. We are worn out with watching the Olympics on delayed time! We don't get to bed until after midnight every night! Thank heavens Michael Phelps is finished swimming and the gymnasts are through!!! Whew! It is fun watching the Korean channel because it always has badminton, table tennis, archery, diving etc. I haven't seen the trampoline or the synchronized swimming---I love that one. The women's weight lifting has been interesting...Heavens, they are big! What does overweight have to do with being strong? Apparently, quite a bit!
I bet the Aussie's have been watching! What a bunch of swimmers from down under!!! How fun would that be to be at the Olympics?!!
I don't like to watch sports on TV, but somehow I LOVE watching the Olympics! I learn so much about the game and about the people competing. What dedication they have. I nearly fell over when they said Michael Phelps was 15 when he competed in his 1st Olympics. That is Will's age!! What?!!! I was on my feet yelling at the TV as he swam to the wall--"Go! Go! Go! Reachhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I felt like his mom in the stands! As Paula Radcliff came "running" into the stadium at the end of the women's marathon, I was almost in tears for her. "Come on, Paula. You can do it. Just one more lap. You have to say you finished!" Then as she neared the finish line another runner was closing in behind her. "No," I pleaded. "Please don't pass her now." She didn't and Paula crossed the finish line. I can only imagine the relief and sense of accomplishment she felt to have made it. I guess that is why I watch. I want them all to feel that accomplishment whether there is a medal involved or not. The Olympics---a metaphor for living your life.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yo-Yo 's and Pizza....

World Yo-Yo Contest...We had a great time! Here are a couple of pics of the boys and a few fun ones of other players!
Sam double pizza spinning!

Will with a counter weight yo-yo

Will won his age group in the Diabolo division

One of the Japanese "Loopers"
Chris Green--U.S. Pizza Team performs
Not sure who took this goofy shot!!!

Whew...Being off the steroid Prednisone is no joy...TIRED! It's easy to see how people get addicted to speed. Wow. All your daily aches and pains go away AND return with a vengeance once the med. is gone! Geez, I think my hair aches and my house is a mess....:)