Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yo-Yo 's and Pizza....

World Yo-Yo Contest...We had a great time! Here are a couple of pics of the boys and a few fun ones of other players!
Sam double pizza spinning!

Will with a counter weight yo-yo

Will won his age group in the Diabolo division

One of the Japanese "Loopers"
Chris Green--U.S. Pizza Team performs
Not sure who took this goofy shot!!!

Whew...Being off the steroid Prednisone is no joy...TIRED! It's easy to see how people get addicted to speed. Wow. All your daily aches and pains go away AND return with a vengeance once the med. is gone! Geez, I think my hair aches and my house is a mess....:)


dani said...

hey, d:)
great pics and welcome to my world:b i hope your meds kick in in the next couple of weeks (will continue to pray)!!!
ann's dog, sir toby, is adorable. i just screwed up two comments i left her... (no trash can on her blog:I)

Amanda said...

I hope you are less tired soon Dana.
And the boys did well in the contest. Handsome boys Dana!

Tabitha said...

Great photos!!
Hope you are feeling better soon ~ there is nothing worse than feeling tired all the time!
love and hugs XX

dani said...

hey, d...
it's elise's birthday if you want to stop by and wish her a happy one:d

Shannon said...

You looks as beautiful as always. I do so hope you start feeling like your old self soon.

Great pics of the boys. They are so handsome and I must say so Cool!

Tanya said...

Dana these photos are awesome!!! I hope the tiredness doesn't hang around for too long!

take care,

t. xxx