Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I didn't make the Olympics... :)


Tabitha said...

Oh they are so funny!! Thanks for the laugh ~ just what I needed this morning!!
love and hugs XXX

Tanya said...

Hi Dana!! that is so funny!!! some of them look pretty nasty! thanks for the laugh!!

Hope you are well,

take care,

t. xxx

Amanda said...

Ouch! Some of those brought tears to my eyes! But i did laugh so hard! I will show it to my boys when they come home from school. They will love it! :D

Shannon said...

OMGsh....Dana I actually grabbed my crotch when I saw the guy fall onto the pole in vaulting. I don't know why...... I hope no serious injuries.
Pretty funny too!!!!

dani said...

i totally didn't see this the last time i was here... we could ride bicycles and knock over people:D