Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bunny cupcakes

Had to replace the Possum picture! It was really offending to see that one pop up every time. I made these for Will's high school production of the play "Harvey"! These were the only 2 left!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Surely Possums are Good Luck!

Well, Happy New Year!! Glad to be in 2009 with a healthy and happy family. We started off the New Year with a possum stuck in our back yard fence. Now I know it seems that we have had our share of vermin--maybe more than our share--but I am ever hopeful that possum are Good Luck for 2009. Just to be sure, we ate sauerkraut as is the German tradition. Can't believe I didn't eat black-eyed peas. (Threw up on them when I was little and swore them off for years). I love them, though!

So, back to the possum and the fence. Ella, our Jack Russell, was sounding "the possum bark" and we journeyed to the back yard to investigate. At first glimpse we thought the possum was just holding on to the fence, but on closer examination we realized his back foot was wedged in the fence. He must have fallen from the top and caught his leg!!! Poor thing hung there probably all night!
Curt ran to get the crowbar and pry him out while I called Animal Services. He eventually ambled down the fence row where I found him and gave him a bowl of water. He lapped it up for several minutes, God love it...

Finally the Animal Services officer came, picked it up with his hands---it played "Possum" predictably enough.
He said Possum wold be delivered to the Wildlife hospital where his leg would most likely be amputated and he would rehab in luxury. Whew. Hope he was telling the truth. Not like when your childhood puppy went to live on "The Farm".

29 Hours in the car...

That's how long our round trip was to Indiana and Kentucky to visit family...
and friends...

Gingerbread houses, sushi and everything SWEET!

Cindy Moore holds a gingerbread house decorating party every year. It seems the kids are never too old to get into decorating their houses and we are never too old to eat!!

Merry Christmas 2008

Curt and his Christmas plaid shirt and Purdue tie!

Sam is reading the directions that came with his chemistry set
Will couldn't believe Santa brought the XBOX on his sleigh
The stockings were hung on the wardrobe drawer with care---no chimney in FLA
Jen and Mal try out my new SOFTEST EVER blanket

Christmas in Florida---not exactly white. More like Sunny and 78 degrees. We are blessed and look forward to 2009 and our trip to Indiana and Kentucky on Dec. 26th!

Paper Crown, Crab soup, Beef Tenderloin and Friends...

What more could you ask for on Christmas Eve? A heated game of Bingo, maybe!! What a great time we had at our long time friends, the Briggs' home on Christmas Eve! The Donaghue, Briggs, and Niemeier families have celebrated Christ's coming since 2003. It has become a tradition that our entire family looks forward to each year! Jeannie is the hostess with the mostess and always has a game--with prizes. It's a blast!