Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas 2008

Curt and his Christmas plaid shirt and Purdue tie!

Sam is reading the directions that came with his chemistry set
Will couldn't believe Santa brought the XBOX on his sleigh
The stockings were hung on the wardrobe drawer with care---no chimney in FLA
Jen and Mal try out my new SOFTEST EVER blanket

Christmas in Florida---not exactly white. More like Sunny and 78 degrees. We are blessed and look forward to 2009 and our trip to Indiana and Kentucky on Dec. 26th!


Tanya said...

Looks like a very festive time Dana! Isn't it amazing what Santa can fit in his sleigh :D

t. xxx

Tabitha said...

So glad that you had a fun Christmas!
We could do with some sunshine over here ~ it is freezing!!
Love and hugs XXX