Friday, October 2, 2009

New addition...stinky package...

It's a really good thing he is cute and soft and cuddly because, God love him...his face stinks!
Let me back up.
My sweet friends, Joyce and Otto had two shih tzus---Oliver and Milo. Milo was always my favorite. Shy and sweet he always sat up on his back legs with his front legs drooping, waiting for you to notice him. Sometimes he would "paw" wave with one leg as if to say "I don't mean to be a bother, but when you have a minute could you pet me?". Otto loved his dogs and Joyce loved Otto. What a fun beautiful couple. So good to each other. True soul mates. As life often goes, sickness comes in and derails everyday life. They couldn't find the cause of Otto's coughing. It was getting so that he couldn't walk very far without becoming short of breath! Finally, a diagnosis of lung cancer explained everything. Then there was the metastisis and chemotherapy and life style changes that quickly come along with acute illness. All through it Ottos puppies kept his spirits high. I even took their pictures so he could have them with him during a prolonged hospital stay.
The end seemed to come quickly. I saw Otto the day he closed his eyes for the last time. That afternoon as he sat on the side of his bed, he waved to me to thank me for driving his sister from the airport. His puppies were becoming leary of going into his room, nervously barking from the foot of the bed. The Hopsice nurses said the dogs will sense when he is not doing well. Sweet things, they knew something was wrong and were waiting for it to change. There was nothing anyone could do. At 7:30p that evening, Otto asked everyone to leave the room because he was tired and needed some rest. Joyce stayed by his side and held him as he left his earthly bonds. It wasn't gentle like in the movies, but she was there and that is where he wanted to be. His Milo and Oliver were there as well.
Sometimes, having such sweet reminders around is just too much for those left here on this earth. So, my sweet stinky-face is with us. He has a Jack-Rat for a companion and a strange new animal--a big Tuxedo cat for a friend now. He has a loving family and new activity to keep him busy. As I watched him today stare out the window, I wondered if his sadness was lifting. I hope we can be a good family and I hope he finds joy with us.
Now, where is that groomer's number?