Saturday, March 7, 2009

NBC Today show featuring Sam!

Sam was quickly featured on the NBC Today show while we were in NYC! I couldn't figure out how to embed it on my 100th post, so....Here it is. Thank you for all of the sweet posts. It is amazing to have friends from around the world :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

100th Post : Pizza, The Big Apple & the Today Show

Sam I have been in New York City February 27-March 3 at the New York Food Restaurant Lodging and Pizza Showcase! We came in 2 days early and hit the ground running! The first night we ate in Times Square. At least technically it was night, but not in Times Square!
A little wave from Times Square...Saturday we jumped into our clothes, had a hot breakfast and caught the subway to the Museum of Natural History. Sam has always wanted to go there and after seeing Night at the Museum where it was filmed, we HAD to make it there this year! That angel of mine dragged me over every inch of the museum! LOL!! I was saturated after the first 2 1/2 hours, but nooooo...he was determined to see every inch. Disclaimer: we didn't see Amazon and Caribbean Cultures exhibits. We had already walked waaaaaaaay past them and I just couldn't double back again. I knew I would regret it. Now we can't say we saw the entire museum. **large sigh** I know what we will be doing the next time we are in NYC...taking a trip to the Amazon and Caribbean, that's what. I digress...
A Trip to the Museum of Natural History---Largest meteorite--34 tons

Big and dusty!!
Giant clam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A little TOO Natural...
Macy's wooden escalator'sOn to 3 days of pizza spinning
....and pizza eatingAND it snowed!!!!!Sam was interviewed briefly by Al Roker and spun Throw Dough proudly representing the U. S. Pizza Team (see the video on my Facebook page!).. and met and spoke with Giada DeLorenzo!! When she complimented Sam on his beautiful eyes, he gave her his trading/business card! She loved it! She is as beautiful in person as she is on TV. Al Roker is very gracious and was glad to have his photo made with Sam. Thanks to Dave, my long time college friend and husband of my best college girlfriend (I introduced them :) ) Here they are in the Limo after the culinary competition at Cha Cha's Backyard Garden Cafe' & Bar 113 Mulberry St. in Little Italy in NYC
What a great time we had!! Thank you so much to the Green's of PMQ Pizza Magazine for bringing us along to NYC again this year! We always have such an exciting trip and it is so good to see everyone. We all are looking forward to the trip to Italy in a few weeks!!