Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just Sounds like a "New Interpretation" to me...

So, I have been hearing quite a bit about Oprah's new series "A new Earth". I have looked up videos and read several articles from both sides. I wanted to know who the author Eckhart Tolle was and where he received his information and interpretation. This video link shows him explaining the book's beginnings.

I can appreciate someone else's interpretation because it makes me turn to the Bible and read. It calls on me to remember. It invites me to defend. It beckons me to pray. When I know what is being said, I will know what to say. We have all heard interpretations about "The end of days". Heck, we have heard sermons on Sundays and sometimes think, "Huh? Really?". This is when (hopefully) we turn to the Bible and read the scripture. When I hear something that doesn't ring true from someone, I immediately want to know where they received their information and how they came about their opinion. It is important to weed out the "facts" from the "interpretation of the facts". There are many interpretations. If you have sat in a court room, you have witnessed this.
What do you think? What do you know? What do you believe? I suppose 'What we think" IS 'What we know' because it is 'What we believe'.
At any rate, check out the link and let me know your opinion :)

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dani said...

my opinion is that oprah and tolle are full is ish!!! oprah is at the the top of maslow's pyramid trying to find herself... and after watching and listening to tolle why on his new earth she's putting any stock into that man, i do not know??? me thinks he has a "beautiful mind" or some other problem going on between his ears[????]!!!