Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like a Cruise, but thirstier....

OK people. I know I sound like your grandparents who go on about all of their procedures...BUT all I can say is this. I think the prep for a colonoscopy is designed to make you BEG for the procedure the next day. I could not get to there fast enough. For those who are just dying for the photos of a colon and esophagus---I'll just brag that the Doc said(after minor prompting) it was the cleanest and prettiest he had ever seen. There ya go.
The interesting part is this. Curt was in the waiting room as I was in pre-op. I actually thought they forgot about me and I didn't care at that point except I was having racey dreams about a tall frosty glass of ice water. I kid you not. Anyway, this anesthesiologist-Patrick-walks by (our kids go to same school) and he ends up giving me anesthesia! So before I go to "sleep" I ask him if it will be like a cruise--you go to sleep in Ft. Lauderdale and wake up in Key West? He says "sure. something like that". Well, I wake up in recovery and Curt is by my side. Apparently I am a crier coming up out of anesthesia. Some people are fighters---me, a crier. Great. So, he says I am mumbling and he hears "Patrick....Key West...." and he thinks "Patrick! Who the hell is Patrick and what ABOUT Key West?!!" And I kept repeating it! Ha!! Needless to say, he was quite relieved when I became more lucid and filled in the blanks! Can't wait to tell that to the Dr. when I see him out walking his dog! Do you think he will tell me what I was babbling before my husband got there?! Lord have mercy!!


dani said...

so, you've got a pretty, clean colon; i'm so proud for you!!! but, as i've told you before... everytime i go to the ob/gyn he never fails to compliment me in the same way about my cooch. only he says it's the cleanest, most beautiful thing he's seen since my previous appointment. he always is extremely complimentary of my new, clean, white socks i'm wearing as well;]
love you,
ps i really hope you're feeling better today:D

Dana said...

OK. I am Laughing Out Loud at the word "cooch"!!!! I told you, GYN's notice stinky feet and dirty socks!! I am feeling much better, thanks!!!
(you really crack me up)

Anonymous said...

Yea! You always kept a clean house!

Congrats on the Great news!!!!

Love you!

Tabitha said...

Glad it all went well for you!!
love and hugs
Tabitha XX

Tanya said...

So happy it all went well Dana!!

Have a great day,

Tanya xx