Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Young Man

My youngest, Sam had a "Meet the author" night at school last night. His advance class has been working on a project for quite a while. They each wrote a book about an animal of their making. The teacher sent the story along with illustrations to a publisher and had a hard back book made! Last night each of the students read an excerpt from their book. They also created a PowerPoint story relating to their animal. It was really cool to see. I can't believe what children do today at such a young age!


dani said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww... he looks so much older with his contacts... and, more and more like you, d!!!
can you scan the pages of his book and put it up as a flip book from picture trail??? i'd love to see it:D
love you guys,

Amanda said...

What a good looking boy. And well done, that is a great achievement.
Oh, can i ask, what kind of nursing do you do ~ area you work in?

Dana said...

Amanda- I am a post-op rounding RN for a group of anesthesiologists. I see everyone 24 hours after they have had anesthesia to make sure all went well! I have been a cardiac intensive care nurse and a post op anesthesia nurse as well. Oh, I was a mother/baby nurse for about 5 months before I took this present job! What type of RN are you?

Amanda said...

I work in a reception/recovery dept looking after post-op patients! We have 8 theatres and can have up to 45 patients per day.
Worked in this dept for 6 years. Before that i worked in a general surgical ward and have done some extra shifs in a Nursing home.

E and T said...

Well well well, a published author in the family - what a treat that is.


caitlin said...

Wow!! Way to go, Sam! You must be so proud.

I'm with Dani, I want to see the book!!