Monday, May 12, 2008

The tablet prep

Talk about impatient. I decided to start the "prep" for my colonoscopy an hour early. I really didn't want to be up at midnight taking pills. Let me back up. I have to start by taking 4 pills (HUGE in size) every fifteen minutes for a total of 20 pills. Then I wait 6 hours and take the remaining---4 per 15 minutes total of 12. Then I finish off by taking 2 tiny pills--stool softener. Now, honestly. Do we really need those last 2? They look like the size of a pin head compared to the Osmoprep pills.
The 2nd pill went down sideways and I gagged and choked. Great. Nothing to eat all day and the first solid I try to swallow feels like a watermelon.
You know, I have decided that my friends, while patting me on the back and bringing my family dinner, have the attitude "Better you than me, sister." What's more, I would feel the EXACT same way if I were them!! Hey, it's like being the first in your group to go through labor. You get to regale everyone with "It wasn't that bad!!!!", when you know you would rather have had a colonoscopy! I mean....Don't worry. I won't give all the gory details...But I better come home with photos of a CLEAN intestinal tract to show for all of this, I'll tell you right now!!!


dani said...

you lucky dog!!! you don't have to drink that go-litely stuff??? that's the worst part!!! i tried to even get you a personalized beer mug out of which to drink it (but couldn't get it to you that quickly)...
oh, well, thank goodness for you, you won't need it!!! honestly, d, you are not the 1st; and, imo... that was the worst part by far. i would have paid good money to have taken the pills instead;/ oh, and if you have to have one in the hospital, the last thing they do is come wagging in an enema bag the length of your arm and twice as big around full of liquid just in case the go-litely stuff didn't take care of it all!!!
did i say you were a lucky dog???
well, er... kind of:D
love you,
ps i will say a prayer all is well and your scopes are clean.

E and T said...

They don't make it easy, do they?? You would think that there could be just one dainty little magical tablet to take. But ohhh no, they probably figure you're up for anything, so why not throw in a complicated and drawn out tablet taking extavaganza.

I hope it all goes well for you and I'll be thinking of you.


Tanya said...

Oh Dana... I hope it all goes well for you... will be praying for you!! and wouldn't you think that in this day & age with all the technology we have they could have come up with something easier!!

Anonymous said...

I kept trying to think of the bright side - the silver lining - all I could come up with is when you come home - there won't be anything to hit the fan!!!

Love you and praying for you constantly!!!


Tabitha said...

I remember it well, the joys of a colonoscopy!!!
Hope it all goes well for you.
Love and hugs,
Tabitha XXX

Amanda said...

Over here patients are given a drink called 'Picolax'. You put it in water and it goes all hot and fizzy. It's brutal on the old patients, and us having to clean up!