Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happiness is,,,,

2 Spotty Dogs. I don't know why, but these two dogs ALWAYS put a smile on my face when I see their owner, Mark, is walking them. I finally pulled over yesterday and asked if I could take a photo of the dogs and he said "Sure!" Embarrassed, I told him how my friend, Jen and I would look for them on our way back from early morning Boot Camp. When we would see them, we would point and yell "Spotty Dogs! Spotty Dogs!" and our morning would REALLY be off to a fun start! He said he was glad they could do their part in making someone happy. Sydney and Snickers are part Dalmation and part Labrador Retriever. I needed a random smile that afternoon. You know Dog is God spelled backwards. Mysterious ways....Smiles from the Spotties to everyone!!!


dani said...

and spots spelled backwards is "stops"... so, i guess God wanted you to "stops" and takes a picture or two to make you happy???

dani said...

ps... they look more like a dalmation/beagle mix to me;)

Tabitha said...

They are such lovely dogs and they brought a smile to my face too!!
Hope you are having a nice weekend.
Hugs Tabitha XXX

E and T said...

I used to own a Dalmation and he was beautiful. Dalmations have this unique "smile" they do. It looks really vicious, but it is actually their version of a smile.

These spotty dogs always put a smile on my face as well.


Dana said...

God stops when needed, right? My blogging friends make me really happy!!

Dana said...

Tabitha and Elise!!
I am so glad you appreciate the "Spotties"!! They do have a natural smile! Cute!!

Shannon said...

I have a little poem about how the dog got it's name. I will send it to you. Really sweet.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the lovely photos. They brought a smile to my face:-D
They even smiled for the camera!
Hope you have a nice day,
Love Amanda xx

Dana said...

There is a band "The Sky blue Catfish" that sings a song "God's Dog". It is a kids workshop CD and I love it! The songs are really funny too! It was one of the boys favorites when they were your kid's age!

Dana said...

I am glad you are smiling too!! I'll have to "stalk" them again and get more photos!!
l, Dana

Tanya said...

How sweet are they!!! love their names!

Have a great day!

Love Tanya xx