Saturday, May 3, 2008

Talents are sometimes very endearing...

I took my son's good friend-Matt- to the Melbourne Beach Founder's Day Talent Show today. He had entered, but didn't have a ride to or from the event. It is a cute show that any child can enter and perform. My 2 have won in past years and I wanted Matt to have his shot, so off we went. The I took several cute photos of kids hula hooping, having their Jack Russell jump through a hoop, break dancing, Irish step dancing, piano. Then I realized that I just couldn't publish strangers without their permission. Drats!!!!! That Jack Russell--Ruby and her owner were so sweet! Oh well, I can print Matt's photo. He won! We were so happy for him. I feel like a proud mom for him! He and my son, Will, perform and are getting more comfortable in front of people. Yo-Yoing, albeit odd, has really been a good focus for these two. Finding something that a 15 year old can focus on that isn't a girl, has been a blessing!!


Tanya said...

Hi Dana...way to go Matt!! I agree anything to keep their focus off girls LOL. such a wonderful thing you have done for Matt!

dani said...

lol, d... at least their TOTAL focus!!!

Dana said...

Thanks for checking in! Teenage boys are pretty funny. I am glad Will has him as a buddy! Of course, Dani's Katherine will always be his first bestest friend!!

Shannon said...

What a great mom for taking Matt to the event. I pray that Sam and Riley will want me around at that age.
Good Luck with the girl thing. Let me know what works and pass your knowledge on to me.

kristen said...

Yeeh Matt. well done !!!

E and T said...

Hi Dana

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I was thrilled to see your comment. I apologise for being slack. I have been meaning to stop by your blog for a couple of nights now. Sleep just keeps creeping up on me!!

What a great mum you are to take your son's friend to this event.

I've enjoyed reading through your recent posts and will visit again soon.