Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Well... that you are feeling a little better!! You know, you can't pray for a friend when she doesn't tell you she isn't doing well!! Please send get well wishes to Dani. She is doing better, but still not feeling well!! She's like that, just so you know. She will be the very first one to your aid, but will not tell you when she needs you! She didn't want to worry me. How about that.


E and T said...

Oh that Dani girl. I have been very concerned with no blogging by her. I thought something must be wrong and now you've confirmed it for me. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that she is feeling well again soon. She is such a wonderful person and I feel so fortunate to have "met' her.

Thank you so much for posting about dear Dani.


Amanda said...

I was wondering if she was ok because it's not like her not to blog for so long. She has become a good 'friend' and i look forward to reading what she has been up to everyday. She always brings a smile to my face:)
Get Well Soon Dani!

Love Amanda xx
(thanks for letting me know as i was getting worried.)

Tabitha said...

I have just been over to Danis blog and left her a message asking if she is ok, I too have been wondering where she was.
I hope that she is well soon,
Thanks for letting us know.
love and hugs to you, Tabitha XX

Tanya said...

We have all missed Dani! thanks so much for letting us know!! Hope you are doing ok on your medication Dana.. take care,

Love Tanya xx

dani said...

thank you, d et. al.!!!
i am feeling better. your well wishes were/are greatly appreciated:)

Kellan said...

I'm so glad that Dani is doing better and I went over and wished her Happy Birthday - thanks for letting me know!

Nice to see you today - take care and I hope to see you again soon - Kellan

dani said...

thank you, d:D ALL the birthday wishes made my day!!!
love you,

Amanda said...

You have been tagged!
If you want to take part see my blog :-D
Love Amanda xx

dani said...

i damn near did your 8's list for you over on my comments, you big baby!!!
love you,