Thursday, May 8, 2008

Coffee with "Easter " and New Tomatos

OK...I really had to write another blog so "Big B" could move on down the list of blogs. Catchy music, kind of ska-ish. New Fish-Eye lens is great. That's "Easter" my Easter Island Head that keeps the Christmas Palms company by the pool. You can actually see him in the "feet" photo. Thanks for stopping in. I love you out there in Blog Land :)


dani said...

who is "big b"; dwaynnie??? and what color polish are you sporting???

Tanya said...

Love the nails!!!

Dana said...

Polish that will cover the bruises I have on my both of my big toes!! It's Mocha Blast Maybelline Express Finish. I never liked dark "piggy Paint" until now!

Dana said...

Thanks!! I am learning to like the dark colors on toes!!
And what about Big B and his homies?? LOL!!! ROTF!!! Pretty colorful characters, huh?