Thursday, March 20, 2008

Water, Water and an Old House

To 241 South Main Street, Henderson, KY--
With all the rain Henderson has been receiving...I hope there is a sump pump in your basement and that the concrete block wall is still doing it's job!! :)


dani said...

speaking of old houses... go to my blog links and read dirtbucket's (aka matt who lives in your "old house") blog, today!!!

carrie said...

this might be alittle late for you to read this comment, but i am just tonight catching up on blogs from the past week or so.
came home after work 2 weeks ago to a FREEZING house. the heat was out, and so was the hot water. and these things rarely happen, and only happen when matt is out of town.
called for some man help. found 12 inches of FLOWING water in the basement that curt made strong! only this crazy rain could put a dent in that concrete wall masterpiece.
pumped it out.
fanned it for 3 days bc/ the musty was.... gross.
thank you for checking in!!! so glad i saw this - even if late.
241 south main