Saturday, March 1, 2008


One thing in life that is guaranteed is that seconds will tick by and what your perspective is at second #10, may not be what your perspective is at second #11. My life perspective switched at about 0915 on Leap Day. Issues that were important at 0900 were not even on the radar at 0930. And what about the blood tests that take "several days" to come back? I mean, honestly...should we have to wait this day and time? Waiting has it's merits, though. It gives you time to sort things out, look up information and look around you. You find out within seconds who you think of first. "I have to call.....". "I Need to talk to.....". "I want ____ to pray for me." It's a bit overwhelming, actually, but who has a choice? Peace, Peace, Peace....that seems like a good prayer right now. When there's peace, thoughts can be gathered and organized much easier. Yep, that's what I am praying right now..... :)


purple11 said...

see you at 12:29 tomorrow!!! 11:29 my time;D

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you - you stayed on my heart all weekend! And I will add peace for you as well!!!

I feel certain everything will be fine!

Love you! Dawn

Shannon said...

Dana, This has brought concern to my heart. I'm not sure what you are going through right now and probably don't want to share it over a blog, but do know that you are in our prayers.