Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Front row seat at the show...

Ya know, interacting with people is my job. Interacting nicely and professionally with people is my job, so I find it somewhat disturbing when people in the medical profession act like they were raised in a ditch. I am here to tell you, that my local LabCorp lab is an audition site for the Maury Povich or Jerry Springer Show. This week, I am not referring to the clientel, but to those who are behind the desk. Before I entered the studio, I mean Lab, I called LabCorp Headquarters to confirm that they do in fact draw the labs my Dr. was requesting. "Yes, we run all of those labs, Mrs. Niemeier" was the answer. Armed with this info. I entered and walked to the desk--no one in the waiting room, both techs at the desk. "Sign in and sit down", the 1st girl said. So I no more than sat down and she looked at the sign in sheet and calls out like there is a room FULL of people "Dana Nimee'er!" "Well," I look around the cavernous room, "looks like that would be me." She asks for my lab sheet. "Awww, I don't know what any of this s#$% is."(to her co-hort) "Do you know what any of this weird s!@#$ is?" Yea, she said it. Not that I haven't cursed(everyone has their struggles...), but come on.
"We don't do this here," she retorts, smug look and all to which I responded, "Apparently you do and LabCorp Headquarters says you do." She rolls her eyes and looks up at me, "Well, we need the codes. Your Dr. needs to send us a real prescription so we know what to do". I suggest nicely, "Why don't you call headquarters and ask for the codes if you don't know them. My Dr. has no idea what the codes would be." So instead, she pulls out this huge book, opens it up, LICKS her finger and starts flipping through hoping the magical numbers will jump out at her----except they won't because the numbers are so GROSSED OUT by the fact that she is licking her fingers they are hiding!!!!!!!!! God as my witness. I call my Dr. and ask if a prescription could be sent. While I am standing at the desk the script comes in over the FAX. "This has the same s#$% on it" Licky, Licky says. I think, "OK, where is the hidden camera? Is someone here on IV drugs and will soon face an intervention? Maybe that's why she works there---good at finding a vein."
At this point, it is time for Sam to be getting home from school. "I have to go", I say. "Here is my phone number, call me if you work it out". By the time I get home, I am so grossed out I can't think straight. Stinking health insurance. Will only pay if I go to LabCorp. I get a phone call an hour later, "Hon, we found the codes."
Hon. She was annoyed that I said I would be in tomorrow. You know, I thought it was the Jerry Springer show, but I bet it was Intervention.
What is health care coming to when you have to tell a lab employee what tests to run and practically find these "Codes" yourself????! What if I was elderly? What if these "weird s#$%" tests were being run to see if I had a disease? Hey wait, that is why they are being run! Where is the professionalism? Where are basic manners? I'm the one who should be cursing!!!! LOL.

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dani said...

you know, if you want to move back to hendertucky, sherry and kim at the imperial building can take good care of you:DDD