Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Mrs. Niemeier, I'm going to be frank with you."

I thought, "Not Frank. Couldn't you be Brad Pitt or Bono with me? Not Frank." As I looked at the computer screen with my chest, abdomen and pelvis in multi-slices, I thought, "This is the last moment that I know that I am cancer-free. Remember what this moment feels like." The radiologist continued on, "I don't see any evidence of malignancy on this CT scan." And you know, he said a bunch of other things that I heard, but what I saw was my 10 year old baby juggling, pizza spinning and unicycling and my 14 year old yo-yoing and talking to his new girl friend. I saw my friends and I felt their prayers. I even told the Dr. that he had a lot of personality for a Radiologist. How about that? He said, "You should have your thyroid checked out though. It looks a little enlarged on the right." I walked out into the waiting room and watched my bff and my husband transfixed by "Saved By the Bell" and started laughing. I don't think the packed waiting room understood. Apparently, Dani and Curt were having a discussion about Screech and his venture into pornography due to his emasculating role on the show. Gaugh........! I can't leave those two anywhere.
Thank you, D for coming down here to be with us. Thank you for sitting with my husband in a crowded waiting room. Thank you for loving my family and making us your family. Thank you my friends for praying for for me and lifting me and my family to God. How blessed to have peace. How blessed to have Christ in my life. How blessed to have friends PRAY for me. Wow. It's overwhelming.
Hug your kids for no reason. Kiss your spouse. Live with no fear, because FAITH allows you to live without fear.


Shannon said...

I am so happy to hear your good news. It gave me goose bumps. Rejoice!!!!!

purple11 said...

you looked beautiful, you looked healthy, and i knew you were going to be ok on first sight!!! what else was there for me and curt to do but entertain and educate the masses. it took their minds (respectively) off for what they were there. like my not dangling preposition??? i love, love, love, love you!

Shana said...

You are such an awesome and inspiring friend! I love Ya and bootcamp is NEVER the same when you are not there!
Be Blessed and No Less:-)