Monday, November 26, 2007

Instant Gratification Comes in a Can

Can I just say it? "I love the spray paint!" To be clear....not for Huffing.
I have spray painted enough this past month to have black lung. And I mean black lung because I only use black. I buy so much I get "the eye" at my local Ace Hardware. Bought the last 2 cans of black satin 'Fusion' yesterday as a matter of fact. Guess I need to start "Store hopping", like a painkiller addict Pharmacy hops.
It started in October. I had worn out and weathered white plastic Adirondack chairs. They looked pitiful, but I needed them for my annual Halloween Party. So I took the cue from my friend, Jeannie, and bought the "Instant Gratification in a Can". Painted 3 chairs and was hooked. There was an old coffee table in the garage that was water/weather damaged and was on the verge of taking the Dump Trip. I scraped on it, painted IT black gloss. Found an old long metal candle stand and it received the treatment too! Even sat it on the table!! Looked like "The Bomb!" Hooked, I frantically started searching for other objects that needed a boost. I repainted my patio set---black of course. Then came Trunk or Treat at our church. There was pressure. We won last year and I hadn't a clue for this year. So at 4pm I grabbed a large flat box in the garage bound for the trash and a can of black and silver(crazy) spray paint. I am NOOOOOOO artist, although I really wish I was. Anyway, I painted a loosely interpreted fireplace took it to church draped with funky webby stuff and a ghost and came in 2nd! Marble Slab gift certificates in hand--(a black stained hand), we came home victorious :)
Last night, I painted 4 sets of black shutters for the house and Curt and I put them up. They look great!!! I should wear a mask...My chest did feel a little congested though, but a mask drives me crazy(the reason I'm not an O.R. nurse).
I already have my eye on the stereo cabinet. Just have to get that 42 inch TV first. Hmmm, maybe on my next trip for more black spray paint.

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Shannon said...

this looks like the leftovers of a meth lab I found in Illinois while out hiking and collecting creek rocks.