Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cough, wheeze, hack...and a Sock Monkey

I suppose I have been lucky in the respiratory department until yesterday. I was having a hard time running the Melbourne Causeway. My throat was itchy, chest a little tight couldn't seem to really get going. That afternoon the boys and I drove down to "Skim City" near the beach to check out the skim boards and Indo boards. I couldn't even stand outside the shop without coughing! Then it dawned on me..."Red Tide". I had always heard about it and the nagging respiratory symptoms that accompany it, but we haven't had it in the area since we moved here in 2003. What a pain...Good excuse to get the house cleaned and ready for the Christmas decorating.
Curt and 3 of his friends from church road tripped to Atlanta for the SEC Championship this weekend. He had a great time! He really needed to get out and have a Mancation...he never does that. He may become a convert---SEC convert to make it clear :) The boys and I kept busy with YO-Yo Club and saw the movie "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". It was GREAT! I was never really fond of Sock Monkeys until now!! I highly recommend it.


Shannon said...

dana, tell me more about your running routine. i declared 2 weeks ago that i was going to do a full marathon and now i need some motivation after we got our first of the big snows.
red tide, heard of it, but not sure what it is. what makes it red?

Moonpie said...

Red tide--an over bloom of algae. The water takes on a brownish red tone if the bloom is large. If large enough it becomes airborne and causes respiratory/allergic symptoms! Yuck! I emailed you re: my running "routine". You rock with planning that marathon chick!!