Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Threatening & Merry Christmas

What sweet children I have until it's time to take a simple Christmas card picture. Once a year for as long as they have been alive, I can count on two fingers the easy picture I have taken. Most years it goes like this: "Alright. Time for pictures! Let's make it in two shots! (smile). It quickly deteriorates into threatening, pleading, sweating with Sam smiling and William acting like he is sitting on tacks. "I AM smiling!" "No you look like you are in pain. Now smile and lean in closer to your brother!" (And Now, a message from Mother Martyrdom)You know it falls on the mothers to document life through photography. Our lives go undocumented while our efforts are rewarded with derision from the family.
After the 15th photo attempt, Curt yells from the other room (he doesn't want to get near this) "Straighten up and smile for your mother!!" As a last resort I pull out the "Don't make me have to get your father." This actually brings a glimmer and so I call Curt in for support. Wouldn't you know it, one funny "Grandpa Face" gets the smile in the above picture.
Merry CHRISTmas everyone! We will see our Indiana/Kentucky friends and family between Christmas and New Year's!!

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purple11 said...

they are the best boys i know!!! i AM a little partial, though. the best Christmas picture ever is hanging on my frige... a most prized possession of mine:D