Thursday, November 15, 2007

Notable Turkish Delight

Tonight is Sam's "Night of Notables" at school. He did a project about author CS Lewis. The child is a funny creative writer, but STRESSES OUT when he has to complete a set paper. There have been far too many tears in this house the past few weeks. I hate it for him. He is such a worrier and perfectionist. Who knew my crazed 3year old would turn out to have this personality? Will doesn't worry about too much. Although he has started ironing his t-shirts. huh. Anyway, Sam has his presentation tonight. He wants to look like CS Lewis, but wants to keep his curly blond hair and glasses. Don't know what to do about that one. We did have fun making Turkish Delight this week. (from Narnia) We scouted everywhere for Rose Water and finally found some at a Middle Eastern store near F.I.T. The owner was very nice and was surprised that we were going to make and EAT Turkish Delight. She suggested we just buy a small box of it as it had an "acquired taste". Undeterred, we pressed onward and bought the bottle, a box of lemon Turkish Delight plus some Tahini for hummus later on :) What an involved recipe--candy thermometer, stirring, mixing all with 1 1/2 tablespoons of Rose water and 2 hours later, placing all in the fridge for overnight. It came out great! SWEET---but we rolled the gelatinous cubes in powdered sugar anyway! Sam actually likes it! Kid will not touch an onion or a fruit, but loves this odd tasting confection. So that was the most fun he had working on this project. Good for him. It is hard to stick to doing something the way someone else wants you to do it. Kid wants to be creative with guidelines. He comes by it honestly. God love him. :)

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