Friday, November 23, 2007

Thankful for Hula Hoops and Friends¤t=47e5c265.pbw
Thanksgiving consisted of...Deep fried turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberrylicious salsa, pies,pies, and a cranberry duff!! Writing blessings on a white table cloth, hula hooping, touch football and Black Friday ad perusing, the Moores and the Hendersons I will say I was holding out for the dessert...i love pie. It is my downfall at Thanksgiving. My favorites are my mom's Custard Pie, Coconut Pie and Karo Nut Pie---known outside the Wolfe family as Pecan Pie. Not a big fan of pumpkin pie, although it really is just a Custard pie with pumpkin added, right? We also played "Paper Head" for lack of a better title. Guess I was a little hard on Daniel. He had 'Puritan'.
Anyway, we ate and then out to the front yard before tryptophan had us in it's grip. I brought about 10 home made Hula Hoops and we hooped it! We even took family photos :) Sam could do 4 at a time with the 'Back bump'! We had a great time and drew some sideways looks from passers by! The Hendersons from Jacksonville stopped in for a visit as well. We haven't seen them in about 12 years!
It was such a blessing to be with friends this time of year and year round.

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