Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Salsa with a tuxedo...

Just finished the pre-Thanksgiving preps--candied sweet potatoes, ham green beans, cranberrylicious salsa, Frozen pumpkin dessert. The mashed potatoes will be tomorrow. My boot camp group will run the Melbourne causeway a couple of times and see if Java Surf is open for coffee after.
Finishing Thanksgiving morning after our run. Now I have an excuse to have that 2nd helping of potatoes:) My big tuxedo tomcat--Tail-- is sitting here with me. Sweet thing. He rolled out from under a car that was taking a left on Clay St. in Henderson and into our front yard. He loved Sam, who was only about 18 months at the time. It's almost Parade time!!!! No one in the house gets to excited about it other than me. I love to watch and live vicariously through Katie Couric and have the best seat all bundled up etc! I have no desire to watch it any differently unless I could sit above the crowds on a balcony or in an apartment with a bunch of friends. THAT would be great! Now if I could just find the remote.
I hope everyone's Thanksgiving is fun--not stressful.

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