Friday, October 17, 2008

I KNOW I saw it...

There was a little Snake/Skink head sticking out from under my fridge this morning. I know I saw it there! Being that I live in Florida and reptiles being so common...I wasn't THAT shocked. Tail, my tomcat, brings them in on a regular basis. So, like a true blogger, I figured I would catch up on blogs, take a picture of the snake/skink and tell my husband when he got home. I don't remove reptiles, people. It makes my skin want to to jump off. I could if I HAD to do it, but I don't so....
Anywho, so I am down ony my hands and knees with the dog keeping a cautious distance from the fridge. I swipe a 12 inch ruler under the appliance thinking I just scoot the snake out far enough to get a pic. Nothing but a spice cap lid, a Fruity Pebble cereal bit (red) and a flat blue glass florist bead. No snake. Where is he??? Now I have to look at the floor in front of the fridge EVERYtime I walk into the kitchen until he reappears. ( I look at it from here again--4th time). Maybe it's just the medication... :)


Shannon said...

Yikes! Maybe it's your medication that's allowing you to handle such a thing in your home. I'd have to have the Army over to find it and get it out!

dani said...

hopefully it's JUST your meds!!! ick!!!

Tanya said...

I'm with Dani!! I can't handle reptiles in my house.. yuk!!!

t. xxxx

Amanda said...

Sometimes i'm glad i live in Scotland!!!
Your brave even going back into the kitchen :D
Amanda x

E and T said...

Don't you just hate that. You see (or at least think you saw, but hope like crazy that you really didn't) some sort of creature that shouldn't be in your house. Hopefully, this sneaky little thing has decided to take up residence somewhere else - somehwere that is not part of your house.


Tabitha said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
love and big hugs ~ Tabitha XXXX

Amanda said...

Hi Dana,
Hope you are all well.
Just stopping by to wish you a happy birthday ~ hope you get spoiled rotten and have a great day!
Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday, Dear Dana!
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Anonymous d

Dana said...

Thank you everyone for such sweet birthday wishes!!! It was a GREAT day!
love, Dana

Tanya said...

Happy birthday Dana.. I'm a little late! glad you had a great day :)

t. xxxx

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Dana!!!!!!!!