Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prisoner to Peanut Butter...

Two squirrels later...Apparently rats are smarter than squirrels. Have a great day!


dani said...

all i know is... a "squirrel infestation" sounds much better than a "rat infestation":)
damn, i'm a prisoner to pb, too:S

Amanda said...

That squirrel is holding onto the bars and his eyes are pleading "let me out"!!
I hope you get the problem sorted out real soon:)
Amanda x

Dana said...

Curt has named this squirrel, Otis, from the old show Andy Griffith. Otis was the sweet town drunk who "checked" himself into the small town jail cell at night when he had had too much to drink. He received a hot meal and a bed to sleep in all night. He would get up and let himself out the next morning. I think this squirrel has a good thing going, people.