Monday, November 3, 2008

Catch up...

If not keeping up with my blog is any indication of how I have over scheduled myself... Woo..did it to myself, but October was a fun month! Definitely not complaining. It's been full of Arkansas visits, musical, Pumpkin Carving Party, Rock Band Competition, Pampered Chef Party, Will's Halloween Party and into November with my 45th Birthday!! Crammed a year of parties into October and hopefully will not feel compelled to do that again too soon! Oh, and did I mention RATS again. Heaven help us. Although our Jack Russell/Rat Terrier is feeling like she now has a purpose. Our cat, however, knows that his purpose is to stay on the bed and sleep through it. There ya go. My mom returned home from her treatment in Houston and is tired, but doing well. She is scheduled for treatments on Thanksgiving and again on Christmas. What are the chances for that? Geez.
Anyway, I feel so blessed to have friends and family. I spent my birthday EATING :) After church about 20 of us dined at a new Deli in town complete with Carrot Cake at the end! Last night after making dessert for the youth group at church, they all stood and sang happy birthday to me and my friend, Jeannie and Craig presented me with a delicious piece of chocolate cake from the "Olive Garden". When we returned home. Jen, Mal and Casey came down bearing angel food cake and fruit and b-day presents! Wow! what a day! Bloggers were sending best wishes all day and I was receiving texts as well! How fun for me! D and Anonymous D sent me fun monogrammed gifts AND a bag of chocolate chip cookies this week too! Of course I didn't wait until my birthday to open the package! No way! Curt and the boys gave me a virtual bike with a basket on the front. I need to go pick one out! Quite a change from my Trek road bike from a few years back! Think Ella will ride in the basket like Toto???!!
Here are pics from this month!

Will and the female lead in The Music ManI just like this pic and thought I would throw it in---The 3 D's!
OK..this is what happens when you spray paint in the garage and don't wear shoes. It actually makes a heart if you can get past the black feet!!! Ewwwwww! I always end up spray painting something before the Halloween party! This time it was the server in my dining room!
Sam's friend and Sam on Halloween
Halloween Curtains that I made while visiting my parents in Arkansas
Cupcake bites! I am addicted to making them! OK almost over the addiction now...
I was glittering everything I couldn't effectively spray paint including this skull and bones! Everything is better when it's shiny ya'll ...
Pumpkin carving party!

Jen, Carol and Shana
Those crazy Moore kids!!!
Will's Halloween party!
Will as "Snake". I think he is "sneaking" at this point...
Ella "ratting out" a no avail...
Will doing his best British "Rock Star" imitation with my (now vintage)1980's Sex Pistal's t-shirt


Tabitha said...

My ~ you have definitly been busy!
I love all the photos ~ the one of your feet is so funny ~
All the halloween activities look like great fun ~ we had a party too ~ it was exhausting!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXXX

dani said...

ok, i'm exhausted after reading all that... but, what else is new; right???
ps the 3 d's look dang near naked in that photo:0

ha, my word verification is hormone

Little Sweethearts said...

Hi, I came over from Dani to wish you a (belated) happy birthday!!


Tanya said...

You have definitely been a busy bee!! sounds like October has been a wonderful month full of lovely activities!! Love your photos, the halloween ones are very cool! love the curtains you made! You're right you can see the heart, once you look beyond the black feet LOL!!!

take care,

t. xxx

Amanda said...

What a busy month, and thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures!
It's nice to have you back, i'm glad you got spoiled (and ate to much) on your Birthday, it wouldn't be a proper birthday if you hadn't!!!
Amanda x