Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Party and an Octomom...

So...Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. Well, then there is Christmas and Easter for all of the baking. I also feel I have to give a shout out to Thanksgiving since I feel it gets short changed by Christmas. Anywho...back to Halloween. We had our 5th annual pumpkin carving party this year! Seems like I just couldn't get started with the decorating until the last few days of October! I also like to make something new every year that I can reuse the following years! This year I made this awesome spider web out of leftover pool screen from the previous owners of our house. I say "I" made it when actually I sucked my friend Jen into helping me make it! God love her...she gets pulled in every year. I know my friend Dani knows how she feels. :) I was so busy/distracted that I didn't get a photo of it before I took it down! I did, however, make some pretty cool lanterns and took pics of them...Thank you to my good friend Cindy for donating the large paper for them!
Loved these! They turned out so well. There were flickering electric tea lights suspended in them to give the lantern effect! Don't know where the heck I'm going to store them though...ALWAYS the problem.
I made this huge Owl face last year! It's about 20 inches in diameter! It's suspended from the ceiling by fishing line...still. Again... where to store it.
My husband is convinced if the lanterns and the owl stay up another week that we won't see them anymore. You know, he is right. That happens to many things in this house, but that is another post.
Oh yeah...Octomom. She visited our party. Geez. (That's my Engineer Man...)

Also, a couple of nuns...

Good friends dressed as OUR boys...

...and friends carving pumpkins by the pool!

We had a great time! I just spent all of my time hostessing and not taking photos...As I am known to say in my house, "My life goes undocumented."

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