Saturday, September 27, 2008

One down...452 to go

Some people are ashamed to admit they are infested. Well, maybe not INFESTED, but definitely inhabited. But not The Niemeier's! We have RATS. Not IN the house, but in our attic and AROUND the house, just to clarify. At night, it sounds like WWF (World Wrestling Federation) or Friday Night Throw Down in the Octagon in our attic and more frequently in our bathroom wall. The first night I heard it, it WOKE ME UP! It sounded like Curt eating Doritos right beside me in the bed! Except the Doritos were wrestling and squeaking. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So over the past few weeks we have made a trip to Ace Hardware to become learned in the ways of rat poisoning and trapping. Since Curt would be the one to crawl around in the attic to search and recover dead rats, he decided on the "Live Trap and Make them Someone else's rat wrestling entertainment." He ordered the trap and it came promptly in the mail in a few short days. Much excitement here, let me tell you. The instructions were inside the cage and there were a few moments where we couldn't figure out how to get the trap open...(sigh). After mild modification by Curt to make it function correctly, peanuts were added and it was set out on a pile of wood where they like to hang out. (side note: I suggested we get rid of the wood and was informed that the wood was "custom made for each window for hurricanes and it was $100's worth of GOOD WOOD!" Just a suggestion.) Anywho, no rat in the trap for almost 24 hours until peanut butter on a cracker was added and rat. He got his tail caught in the door, God love 'em. I think he was quite embarrassed. After much "oooohh and ahhhh how cute; look at his ears and "don't stick your nose to close, didn't you read '1984'?!!!---the rat was taken about a mile down the road to a church and promptly dumped---ok shaken--- out of his cage peanut butter cracker for the road. Charity begins at home, ya know...all God's creatures.


Amanda said...

I think i would have to call in the experts to get rid of them!
Don't get me wrong ~ i love the pet rats ~ used to have one when i was little.
But hearing them crawling around the house would just be too much for me!!!
Good Luck Dana!
Amanda x

Dana said...

The thing is, is that the experts do the same thing!!! There is a company "The Rat Man--Got Rats? Call the Rat Man." Don't want to see that guy!
l, Dana

Amanda said...

He sound a little ratty and a big rip off!

dani said...


Dana said...

l, d