Monday, September 22, 2008

Energy and then some...

You know...I can hardly sit down and blog this due to the huge energy rush I have from my meds. People...I tell you, if these weren't so bad for you in the long run every mom would be USING!! Wait, illegal drugs are crap for you and people still abuse them! Guess this secret hasn't be "outed" until now. Whew!
Anywho, enough about drugs.
Living in a houseful of males has it's moments. Some things you have to smile about. Well, because they are funny. It is usual that my sweet husband wakes my oldest child for school. (The youngest somehow gets up, gets dressed and eats breakfast without prompting.) So, Curt walks into Will's room one day last week, "breaks wind" rather loudly and states, "Will, your alarm just went off. Get up." Without opening his eyes my sweet sleepy 15 yr. old smiles and says, "Thanks Dad". Now is that love? I think my 11 yr. old was jealous he didn't get the same courtesy.


dani said...

first his mole... now you've told everyone he farted!!! poor curt... bahahahaha!!!

Amanda said...

Oh Dana!!
Living in a house with 5 males, i LOL at that! Sometimes you just have to laugh ~ either that or go insane:D
Glad your meds are having a positive effect!
Amanda x

Tanya said...

Yep males are sure great fun aren't they!! they dominate our household & as Amanda said "you've just gotta laugh or go insane!! but I wouldn't change it for the world! glad to hear you've got so much energy!!

take care & have a great week :)

t. xxxxx