Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Now that is tight

This is the conversation that ensued after my 15 year old modeled his "newest" thrift store find...

Will: Hey Dad, how do you like my new pants? Curt: Holy cow what are those? How did you get into them? You're not leaving the house in those. You are not wearing those to school---not even out of the house. They really look uncomfortable. Dana, what do you think about these pants? Where did your junk go? Where did you get those? Will: Thrift store. Curt: What made you want to buy those at a thrift store? Will: Well they said size 26. Curt: What size are you? Will: 30, but they were so long I thought they would fit. Curt: Can you sit in them? Don't they squeeze the hell out of your junk? Will: well yeah, a little. Curt: They ought to make you feel weird. Will: yeah. Curt: take those off and get your homework done. Dana: he looks like a British rock star. Will: I need some cooling lines in they do in the Hoover Dam. Curt:Will, Take those off and do your homework!!!


Amanda said...

Those give a whole new meaning to 'skinny jeans'!!! ~ just like the kind Russel Brand wears:D
I would love to be a fly on your wall ~ some of the antics your boys get up to just crack me up laughing!!! :D
Amanda x

Shannon said...

Are those girl jeans?????

dani said...

they are going to cause him to be impotent (don't believe me??? look it up,d;) bahahahaha!!!

Dana said...

that's why he made the "cooling lines" comment. Everyone needs a sarcastic glad mine is you :P

Kat said...

oh guah....he's a super nerd