Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The days are long but ...

You know, yesterday my friend Dani took this photo.  I mean yesterday if the days were actually 13 years long.  I am not ready for his graduation.  Then again I wasn't ready for his birth either and THAT came 5 weeks ahead of schedule.  It's not that I am not a planner.  It's not that I don't want him to grow up.  It's just...hmm.
We had visited his chosen college's campus 2 weekends ago.  We saw the dorm rooms (resorts, I tell you) and the Engineering buildings, the student union.  As he and I were walking back to the car, he said, "Mom, are you going to be alright?" Well, yea until he asked THAT!! *sniff* "Of course, I'll be alright," I said bravely--you know in that mom way.  "Dad and I are sooo proud of you!  This is such an exciting time in your life, but you have to realize that it is the first BIG transition for our family.  We are all going to have to adjust.  So if there are *sniffs* and *watery eyes*, it is just the transition happening and we are just trying to adjust as fast as we can."  I say too much.  "OK"  he says with a half smile.  My little boy.  My angel.  My adult man. Ok.  This makes my throat tight.  That transition is bearing down, isn't it?