Monday, February 28, 2011

Ride 'em!!!!

I am such a raccoon.  If it sparkles, I love it. I really keep it reined in though. No pun intended since I just got back from the Silver Spurs Rodeo in Kissimmee, FL.  There were sparkley things there too. Like these jeans...Yea I took that pic when she wasn't lookin'.  I did ask her where she bought them though! Don't know where I would wear jeans with shiny wings on the butt...But, I liked them.  There were Rodeo Queens with crowns and some chaps...not enough as far as I was concerned...of the chaps that is.  I digress...Here are some shots of the bucking and snorting and racing and roping! Fun! Fun!  I want to do this too!!!
OK...not this

Look at that horse heel up when that calf is roped!!

How about that lasso right above that calf?!

This I want to do!!! That's a beautiful horse.

Ride 'em!

Owwww!  That's GOT to hurt!
We really had fun!  Didn't even wear my boots :(  Next time...with my angel wing jeans!  Tee Hee!


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