Friday, April 30, 2010

Parisian food, Stinky Cheese and a Sweet Feline...

How beautiful Paris is! The obvious sites were gorgeous, but I just loved the shops and the street vendors as well. I could have eaten my way through Paris! Can't believe I didn't get a photo of the chocolate and banana crepes I had! Probably because I couldn't wait to eat them-no time for a photo!
Fresh tulips!

Wooden tulips
Ham and eggs..ahhh American food
Small market

Fromage (cheese) market (phew...a little ripe odor for me) The display was so tidy!
Le Mimi cat got to lick the creme' brulee' spoon...
i loved these little cheese appetizers!!
..but I REALLY loved the creme brulee'!
Just brushing up with my $6 cup of coffee...
Roasted chestnuts!!!
My French breakfast!
All he needed was coffee and jam :)
A cute cafe'
More fresh tulips...
Fresh fruits and nuts on the street
French Croissants near the Eiffel Tower

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Tanya said...

Oh how I love these photos Dana!! Paris is one place I would really love to visit one day!

L. Tan xxx