Friday, June 5, 2009


I checked out when i last posted---APRIL! I should be ashamed. I should be, but I'm not. My good friend, Jen keeps reminding me that I haven't posted in FOREVER! She lives down the street and God love her, knows more about my life than she would like, I'm sure.
School is finally OUT! Will is gone to Student Life Mission Camp in Tennessee and will return Saturday. His little bubby has really been missing him--sleeping in his bed at night :) Isn't that sweet? Heck I think so, but I'm the mom. Will turned 16 in May... OK, the cake looked like cornbread. He doesn't care for icing. Note to all: CANDLES DON'T STAND UPRIGHT IN PLAIN CAKE VERY WELL. However, kids stand up great in the sand...

...and jump well too!
Sam turned 12 this week...
Ms. Cindy made slew of cupcakes for his birthday and he shared them with the kids at The Master's Workshop. We had a great time! We went to Friendly's for dinner and ice cream...
What a crazy time of year to have babies. They both were 5 weeks early. If they had come on their due dates, their birthday parties would have been easier to plan for crying out loud!

So I took my first online photography class with Sheye Rosemyer. I LOVE her photos and now have a great respect for the amount of work involved in taking beautiful photos. Even more, the talent for post processing those photos is something I hope to achieve.
This is Curt and I with the Eye Candy Action "Circa 1963" from Sheye Rosemyer...
I just plain LOVE this guy. I feel sorry for the rest of you ladies, but he's mine :) !!
Happiness to you all :)


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to both of your handsome boys!

dani said...



it has been forever, d!!!

Angie Seaman said...

Thanks so much Dana! We are here in FL until August 4th. I'm enjoying being here rather than in Indiana with all the monsoon rain weather they seem to be having right now. Ha ha!

Enjoy your weekend! Blessings,
Angie Seaman