Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moonpie Song...

I like this song, but the video is of an old Mardi Gras parade! Hope everyone is having a day that is blessed. Even if the blessing is just being here for the others that love us and being able to reach out and love them.
Feeling a little tired this week. I am weaning from the steroid I have been taking and therefore weaning from all the energy it has given me!! That was good while it lasted, let me tell you! On the vain side of things...my hair--once thick and shiny--continues to fall out and has become dry and dull. I am beginning to become puffy as well. Partly due to the screeching halt in a daily exercise regime, taking the steroid and partly due to EATING!! Whew! Do you know how good moonpies, banana pudding and mangoes can be? Not together. Although, now that I think about it, banana pudding with moonpies instead of the vanilla wafers would be GREAT!
As my sweet friend Dani said...Life goes on. It does, in spite of our personal struggles, however significant or insignificant to others. Some days we just hang on. Some days we turn loose. God never said it would be easy, but He did promise that when we call on Him, He would be with us. Now I can hang on to that. How about you?
L, Dana


dani said...

moonpies in banana pudding??? yep, the steroids are taking over your brain:b
yep, GOD is GOOD always!!!
love you,

Amanda said...

I hope you are feeling better soon Dana!
Thinking of you,
Amanda xx

beachbeanb said...

Here I am .... hanging on with you!


Anonymous said...

I know that while you are hanging on that God's grip on you is secure.
Love you and praying for you!!
Anonymous d

E and T said...

Hi Dana

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you wean from the steroids you've been taking. I hope the side effects from this cease soon and you feel a whole lot better.

Your post titled: "It's a Maybe day" was a great reminder about living in the moment and not taking things for granted - thank you for the gentle reminder.

A mango addiction can only be a good thing. I've heard a few people say that the only way to eat a mango is in the bath tub. I can't give my personal recommendation for this as I have never actually eaten a mango in the bath tub. You have to wonder how people come up with these sorts of ideas.

Love to you

Tanya said...

Dana you keep hanging on to God's word, for he is so GOOD to us always!! Hope you are feeling better soon! I will be keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!

Take care,

Tanya xxxx