Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ups and Downs... & Pudding

...of the World Yo-Yo contest, that is. We all leave early Thursday morning for Orlando, FL (only about 1 1/2 hours away!) for the World Yo-Yo contest. More than likely, someone from your country will be in Orlando this week representing your country in Yo-Yoing! Chances are I will talk with them too! I usually get them in line and ready for the stage performances. I will definitely have photos next week and maybe video of Will competing if I can get it uploaded!!

Randomly, this is banana pudding in a dish that is my mom's. I grew up eating banana pudding from this bowl. My mom has "entrusted" this bowl to me and I am terrified that I will drop it on the tile floor one day! Anyway, I truly believe it tastes much better because there has been a lot of love placed in that bowl!!!


dani said...

yum!!! but where are the moonpies, d???

E and T said...

Good luck Will.

Anything prepared with love always tastes better. Troy cooks dinner most nights and he always tells me that he has sprinkled some love in whatever he has prepared. This "ingredient" makes all of his cooking superb and oh so perfect.

Dana, how are you feeling?


Amanda said...

I agree with Elise.
Now, i haven't played with a yo-yo in years!!

Dana said...

I had the Moonpie inspiration after this pic!! Next time, though...:)

Dana said...

Thanks for the good luck!! What a sweetpea Troy is! I love it when curt cooks for us! I am feeling good! Thanks for asking! 2 more weeks on my steroid--trying to get things done since it gives me extra energy! As we say, "Make hay while the sun shines!" How are you and that gorgeous baby???

Dana said...

You should pick one up!! Check out the World Yo-Yo contest website.
I think there is a video on there. There definitely are videos on YouTube! Not your average "Walk the Dog", I'll tell you!! Thanks for checking in!!!