Thursday, September 2, 2010


So I was whippin' through the grocery store today on a mission to get ingredients for dinner tonight. NOT like grocery shopping so you think I would only do it once a week. No, that's not how it is. *sigh* Anywho, I was on my way to grab some cheese and I pass a lady who has her toddler in the cart and a 3 ring binder open with coupons! "Wow! Aren't you organized!" I say as a pass and grab 2 cheddar/monteray jack for my baked spaghetti. "I am trying!" she says politely. So I think, Hey! I know someone who has an entire blog dedicated to couponing! Maybe this nice girl would like to check it out! Why do I talk to people in grocery stores? I don't know. I want everyone to be friends. I didn't want her to think I was weird, but what the heck? So I walked up to her in the parking lot with my blog address written on a scrap of paper, introduced myself and told her to check out Live Love Coupons--one of the ladies I met while standing in line for Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. Maybe she could find some tips! Her name is Carrie!
Hi Carrie! Thanks for letting me take your picture. And accost you in the parking lot. And write a blog about meeting you. I check out coupons now and again, but never get into it fully. I really should. I love a deal! Guess I'll put that on my list---if I can find an empty spot.

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Cecilia@livelovecoupons said...

Thank you Dana for wanting everyone to be friends! Great visualization! I do the samething. We will have to get you interested in using coupons more. Will I see you at Bakerella's booking signing if she comes to Fl?
Carrie-Do stop by and check out livelovecoupons and share any deal/coupon information.