Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting Savvy...

Just found a great website...The Savvy Photographer. I love looking at other photographers websites. Most are natural light photographers...ahhh so soft and ethereal. Not that harsh sunlight business that we get here in Florida! I did buy a Gary Fong flash diffuser and I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of photo that I get. Not so harsh as with a bare flash. Since I don't know Photoshop very well..OK not well AT ALL (I seriously need a class) I appreciate my diffuser. I get many questions about it when I use it. "Is that a piece of Tupperware?" "Is there dip in there?" Yea...spinach dip. Got any chips? I wish I looked like this chick in the Gary Fong add, but the diffuser is not that good!
This photo was without the can see how the flash is a little harsh on her face. (yea Alexis! What a voice this girl has!)

This photo was taken with the diffuser...
The light is softened and there are no harsh shadows or light glares on their faces. Subtle changes, but nice ones!
So I need help with my composition of photos and I found The Savvy Photographer. I hope she can help! I would love to photograph in natural light, but unfortunately, most of my photography takes place indoors with action! Action requires a FAST lens and no flash or a slooooower lens and a BIG flash. FAST = very expensive...I went for the slower lens and the higher priced flash and diffuser. I'm trying here people :)

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